Nopla + Lofotteina

Nopla is revolutionizes fishing boxes and crab traps and cuts emissions and cost severely. The knowledge from this work will be used to take assignments for everyone that needs plastic products and a fully approved quality supplier on its way.

Blue sector

-Blue sector is a focus area for us. We are working with many of the big players, but at the same time no one is too small. We can take part in everything from an idea written on a napkin, all the way through to finished product delivered on the customers doorstep.

Recycled crab trap

Nopla and Lofotteina has developed a new recycled crab trap which exclusively is being produced from recycled plastic from the fishing and breeding industry.

Through the combination between all Norwegian production at Nopla, short transport distance and use of recycled plastic granulate, Lofotteina achieves a very low CO2 footprint, a competitive price and last but not at least, a partner never too far away.


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