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Nopla is a leading Norwegian supplier of recycled, injection moulded plastic products. We are working towards changing the way plastic products is produced, used, and handled.

Our competence

We have broad competence in all areas – from design and project planning of plastic products, production of moulds and serial production of the product it selves.

We handle all steps of the value chain, and we understand how they interact. Our environmental perspective ads an extra dimension to the process and the delivery. We are happy to brainstorm around how to find the best solutions for you.

Our history

Lycro was established in 1970. It started with chrome plating of sanitary equipment and functioned as a workshop for other businesses started by Bjørn Lyng. Later the company expanded to produce moulds for injection moulding of plastic parts and to produce injection moulded plastic products. The company even designed and produced rotational welding machines.

In 2013 the company had new owners which stared up an extensive restructuring process. In October 2014 Lycro AS merged with Nopla AS.

Today the company stands out as a solid and valued partner for our customers, with a clear product- and marked positions, and a turnover just below NOK 100 million.


Our factory

Our 6000 square meter factory in Leksvik in the middle of Norway houses around 25 injection moulding machines with mould pressure from 45 to 1500 tons. Local competence and specialized equipment make us in a position to help you from having an idea, through design and to finished product.


Contact us

Nopla has a varied portfolio of customers and products. With us, no customer is to small or to big – we want to work with you no matter what. If you have and idea where you need help to develop a plastic component, or in need of some of our products, we are only a phone call away.

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