Shaping tomorrow, with recyclable plastics

Nopla is a leading Norwegian supplier of recycled, injection moulded plastic products. We are working towards changing the way plastic products is produced, used, and handled.

A leading producer of recyclable packaging

Nopla produces packaging for warehouse, logistics and distribution marked.

Nopla has more than 35 years of experience with producing quality pipe fitting products in PP and HDPE

In our Leksvik factory we are producing pipe fittings with our own brands Jotiflex and Nopla. Nopla is also subcontractor to large multinational companies.


Nopla Sport

Nopla Sport AS is the only producers of arena seating in Norway and the Nordics, and to this we are really proud!

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OEM production

As your subcontractor we are offering our extended experience and knowledge within developing and production of moulds and serial production of injection moulded plastic parts for our customers. From ide to finished product.

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Injection moulding of plastic products may sound a little bit trusty. This does not prevent us from offering a packaging concept which aims at a substantial reduction of the seafood industry CO2 emissions and packaging cost.

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Nopla receives support from The Research Council of Norway to the recycling project, ReCreate.

Together with NLP (Norsk Lastbærer Pool) and Norner, Nopla has developed an idea to recycle foodstuff approved boxes, aiming at changing the business forever.

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Nopla + Lofotteina

Together with Lofotteina we are producing a 100 % recyclable crab trap. The idea is tested and developed over several years to make crab fishing as simple, effective, and sustainable as possible. The trap is produced of recycled plastics from the seafood and breeding industry.

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