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Nopla Sport AS is really proud to be Norways and Scandivavias only producer of arena seats!

Seat4You is our brand for arena seating and our arena seats are developed with focus on sitting comfort, desing, fast and flexible installaiton, as well as offering an opportunity for increased revenue by communicating with the audience.

Our team as experience and knowledge from installing several hundred thousand arena seats in Norway and Scandinavia since 1986.


Arena seating

The company and the people behind Nopla Sport have a long experience within plastics production, design, development and production of office- and conference seating for HÅG Norway and other companies, as well as we have close to 40 years experience from arena seat deliveries.

Seat4You is our own developed arena seat, which, among others, is delivered to Telenor Arena, Briskeby Stadium and La Roque dÀntheron in France.

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Ohter projects

Nopla Sport also has several other exiting product ideas under development.

On of these ideas we have named Cover4You. This is a system for covering both synthetic and natural grass on stadiums, outdoor festivals and more.

This is a system to protect the field during concerts, fairs, festivals or as on the picture below, rallycross in Telenor Arena.

Cover4You seeks pilot customer, reach out to us if this is of interest.

Contact us to learn more or if you have ideas for new and exciting products made of plastic for sports and activity.

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Nopla AS, the largest owner in Nopla Sport AS, is a leading producer of recycled injection moulded plastic products. We are working towards changing the way plastic products are produced, used and handled.

As the producer of Seat4You arena seats we can offer to deliver the seat and back of the seat in recycled Polypropylene (PP).

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