Together with Norsk Lastbærer Pool (NLP) and Norner, Nopla has developed an idea with recycling of rescycled boxes approved for food transport with a goal to change the business forever.

Reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is used to pack and safely transport fresh food, packed food, and other consumer products from the producer and to the shop. This type of packaging ensures effective transport, first class protection and reduced food waste. Combined this will lead to a more sustainable logistics. The packaging is produced from Polypropylene (PP), which has characteristics, live span expectancy and cleanness which makes it approved for contact with food.


Nopla, NLP and Norner

Nopla is a leading Norwegian producer of recyclable, injection moulded plastic products. Norsk Lastbærer Pool (NLP) has developed and are operating logistic solutions for reusable transport packaging to the Norwegian grocery business. The system from NLP makes it possible to reuse packaging for up to 10 years. Norner is one of Europe's leading research- and development centres for polymer- and plastic industry, with more than 40 years' experience.


A good idea

Nopla, which is the producer of boxes to NLP, came up with the idea to recycle used food approved boxes made of PP, and make new food approved boxes and by doing so expand the environmental aspect substantially. Our goal is to establish a closed loop where used boxes is recycled to new food approved boxes which can be reused for the food industry.

This offer will give our customers a great environmental benefit.


Polypropylene (PP) is the most used type of plastic in the world, and only in Europe 4 million tons is used to produce packaging for food. Boxes made of Polypropylene can be recycled and therefore used to produce new boxes. To be approved for contact with food the material has to go through a process which leaves the level of cleanness required for the necessary certifications needed.

Recycled polypropylene approved for food

In spite of the high demand for clean Polypropylene to be used when transporting food, there is no commercial availability to recycled polypropylene approved for food contact. This is why Nopla and NLP has teamed up to offer through their RECReATE project. Norner is also invited as our R&D partner.

Together we will see to that recycled material can be used in the food industry by investigating and developing commercially relevant processes in alignment with EU regulations for food security.


Holistically perspective

RECReATE will handle the challenges from at holistically perspective by examining everything from sourcing of raw materials and traceability, recycling, and cleaning along with further development of the materials and product design by using LCA (Life Cycle Assessments) to document the environmental aspects with new solutions. The project group will also develop technology and methodology for analysing and documenting which meets the strigth regulations existing for products and materials which will be in contact with food.

The new systems, the new technology and the new products will be implemented at Nopla. This will improve NLP's and their customers environmental footprint.

The potential for reusable boxes in Eurupe is big and there is also a great potential for closed circular processes within the food industry.


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