Storage tray 5,6 L

Popular storage trays for shelves and shelving systems. Unique division of partitions: longitudinal, transverse whole partition, and transverse half partition. Stop edges in the rear edge prevent the picking box from falling out of the shelf. Robust handle in front. Large label field. Rounded edges at the bottom make it easy to pick from the sharing rooms.

Varianter Color Ral Article number Download pdf
Blue Art. 665414
Red Art. 665418
Specifications: Value
External max height (H) 94
Internal min Length (Li) 330
Operational Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C
External max length (L) 400
Usable volume (L) 5,6 L
Internal min Width (Wi) 180
Unit/pallet 400
External max width (W) 235
Internal min Height (Hi) 86
Net weight (kg) 0,455
Packaging unit 20
Material Polypropylen (PP)

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