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Seat4You are developed and produced by us.

Seat4You is a fantastic arena seat which meats your requirements to comfort and ergonomics. The Seat4You arena seat is mounted to rails, which reduces installation time, simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Every seat is individual and parts are easy to replace if necessary.

Seat4You - The Seat

Since our installations at Telenor Arena and Briskeby Stadium (Norway) and La Roque d' Antheron (France), we have redesigned most of the seats inner parts. We have swapped aluminium for polyamide composite, offering a seat that is lighter, more uniform, easier assembled and with the possibility for both single and on-beam installation. The geometry is also sligthly changed.

Most of the parts in the Seat4You arena seat is produced in our own factory. This makes us competitive and gives us an unique control of the product, quality and deliveries. We are certified according to ISO 9001/14001.


Seat4You - On a beam

Installing arena seats to a beam is the modern way to install seats. Seat4You offers our self-developed aluminium profile bar system. Can be fixed both on riser and floor. It gives several advantages such as reduced installation time, easier cleaning and maintenance as well as easier installation of individual seats.

The Seat4You products may be built after customer requirements, with the use of alternative types of padding, colours and logos.

You may differentiate areas within the same stadium, combining the different modules and additional elements in the Seat4You concept. We also offer solutions for individual seating, for instance to be used at the press stand.

Seat4You - Advertising

In addition to being a modern and ergonomic arena seat, Seat4You can offer an integrated advertisement facility. Adapt the seats for one-way communication with the audience by adding sponsor logos, names, or other graphic elements.

This is a great opportunity to increase revenue!


Seat4You - Variations

An arena where arena seats is to be installed has various needs. From a standard seat, through a VIP light seat to high raised upholstered VIP seats. The press requires comfortable working conditions.

Our seats could be delivered in the required colour.

Please contact us so we can help you find the best solutions to your arena!

You can trust us

If you choose us as your partner, our experience will help you to a safe and predictable project.

Which anchors should we use?

How will we get the best lay out for row- and seat numbering?

How can we make the best solutions for assisted seating and the press stand?

VIP seats in different levels, how do we do that?

When during the project would it be smart to install the seats?

These and many more questions Nopla Sport can help you with, just contact us to have a talk about your project.

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